Thursday, October 23, 2008

I can do anything for 15 mins #1 - Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is not as cluttered up as the office, since we actually go in there everyday, and have to have enough space to actually lay down and go to sleep. But it still attracts clutter. I think the biggest problem is that things that don't go in the bedroom end up in there. And then they invite all their clutter buddies over for a sleep over.


The after pictures actually happened 20 minutes later, but I am the worlds slowest bed maker I think. I takes me nearly 10 minutes to stripdown and make a bed.
This is all the stuff that doesn't belong in the bedroom and isn't trash/recycle. Everything else that is gone from the room is now gone from the house too.

I did not go through the stuff on Hubster's chair. He has a method for that madness, and I'll let him go through it. There's less aggravation that way.

So in 20 mins I changed the sheets, straightened up, and dusted the whole bedroom. Looks good, if you ask me.

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