Monday, October 27, 2008

What about when you aren't at home?

I am sitting in the airport right now, plugged into this nifty laptop bench thing that southwest provides nowadays. At home there are some hotspots smoldering. I'll be away for the next 3 days, and I've been thinking, should I try to keep my hotel room in order?

Normally, I am not a neat hotel stayer. Things are strewn about left and right. I usually refuse maid service, so I'm not causing any problems for the poor housekeeper who has to try to not take my keys and run them through the laundry because my purse was dumped out on the 2nd bed.

However, since I'm working on this "get my life together" project, I was thinking that I should probably not consider these 3 days a clutter free for all. So I am going to be careful about saving my receipts in a nice envelope for this trip, and throwing away anything that I don't need to keep right away. I packed my camera and cord, so I am committing myself to being on the project even when I'm away from home.

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