Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 14

Today, we are learning the importance of having an up to date calendar.

I am not good with keeping up calendars. Well I am good at keeping up my work calendar, but it is with me like 99% of the time. I use an Outlook calendar and I update all my work stuff right on my computer, and then it automatically syncs up with my work phone. So anything work related gets loaded into my work phone and then it sends me little reminders so I go to my meetings. I do not want to keep my personal calendar together with my work calendar, so I keep a regular wall calendar on my fridge. It never gets updated.

I have started carrying a notebook in my purse, and I put big things in it for each month, but that is not the same thing as carrying a calendar. I think I really want an electronic pocket organizer, but I am not sure if that's in the cards for me. I do have a personal cell phone though, and considering how few things I actually need to load onto a personal calendar, today sat down and put in all the birthdays into my phone's calendar. It's a pretty basic cell phone so it doesn't do all the fancy things that I'd like it to, but this combined with my notebook probably accomplishes the same thing as the iPod Touch that I want.

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