Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting into the Groove

On yesterday's topic of laundry, this is something that I've been working on for a long time, so I have worked out some of the kinks already. We are lucky enough to have our own washer and dryer, and we have for a long time. But for some reason it took me forever to really re-vamp my laundry routine.

Old routine
  1. Smash clothes into hamper until it is ready to burst.
  2. Realize there are only 1-2 more days worth of clean socks and underwear.
  3. Dump hamper full of clothes out on living room floor.
  4. Sort laundry in to piles.
  5. Kick dog off piles because she has decided that if a big nest of clothes has been out on the floor for 2 days it must be for her to sleep on.
  6. Wash and Dry clothes.
  7. Pile clean clothes on couch.
  8. Fold clothes and put into His and Hers piles on the couch.
  9. Go to bed.
  10. Have people over, so take stacks of clothes and put on the bed.
  11. Go to bed, and find stacks of clothes there.
  12. Move stacks of clothes to top of the dresser.
New Routine
  1. Sort laundry into appropriate hamper.
  2. Check hampers, see which hamper is full enough to have a full load.
  3. Put laundry into washer with powder soap.
  4. Go to bed.
  5. Wake up, do morning stuff, start washer.
  6. Go to work.
  7. Come home do evening routine, put wet clothes in dryer.
  8. Make dinner.
  9. Eat dinner.
  10. Fold clothes.
  11. Put away clothes.
  12. Go to bed.
Stuff I needed to start the new routine:
  1. 2 Two compartment hampers
  2. Powder laundry soap.
I still don't always stay on top of the laundry. Especially the remembering to start the machine in the morning part. But life is a lot better when the hampers aren't overflowing.

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