Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 18

Today we are introduced to the program's 11 commandments.

I think 11 is too many, so here's what I'm going with:

  1. Divide and conquer. So the office is a huge disaster of unspeakable proportions. But the desk top is a manageable bit, and so is the top shelf of the closet, and the middle shelf, and the top drawer of the dresser, etc.
  2. Put things back. This is my biggest self sabotaging habit. If I would just put things back right away half the problems with my clutter would solve themselves.
  3. Accept that into each life a little clutter must gather. I'm never going to be a clutter free person, and even though I feel good when I conquer clutter, I shouldn't feel bad when clutter shows up again.

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