Monday, December 1, 2008

What does clean mean anyway?

So, I kind of fizzled out with doing the baby steps... BUT I'm still on the mission to get control of my clutter. So I'm doing my own baby step project now, and I'm calling it What Does Clean Mean Anyway?

What I'm Doing:
I'm going through each room in the house and finding one small thing that I can do easily on a routine basis that will make the room cleaner, tidier, or more organized
Squeegee Shower Doors (Daily)

Put Laundry all the way into the hamper (Daily)

Living Room:
Put all video game stuff in the basket (Daily)

Dishes (Daily)

Entry Way:
Shoe Area (Daily)

Dining Room:
Put away Coats (Daily)
The Long Term Goal:
To build incrementally a routine for each part of the house that has daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc tasks. I want to be on a steady maintenance system instead of my binge and purge cycle that is so exhausting.

I am even going to put this in my control journal. Which is in a Red Binder. I really wanted to buy a fancy binder. But I didn't. I exercised control. :)

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