Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seeking Household Harmony

One of my big reasons for making this change is to find a place where I can feel that the burden for keeping the house going is shared evenly between the Hubster and myself. We have a pretty common situation, he doesn't initiate many cleaning projects on his own, and I don't like to bother him so I do more than I think I should have to and then I feel resentful. And that's completely not fair because he would have helped if I had only asked him to. Then there is the whole "I shouldn't have to ask!" thing I need to work on. But he has consistently done what I've asked him to, so I need to fix myself and see that, hey it actually is a lot better to "have" to ask for help than to do everything by myself.

I think going through the process of decluttering our lifestyle and streamlining our household processes will make it so that we both have maximum free time. Which would be awesome.

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