Monday, November 17, 2008

Master Sanitation Schedule - Master Bathroom

Master Sanitation Schedules are extremely important in my work world, and I am trying to implement them in my home world too. A Master Sanitation Schedule is a list of every single item in a cleaning zone and it's cleaning frequency. I've seen these be very useful tools for keeping track of everything that needs to be cleaned and when. And together with it's partner the Cleaning Log, it makes sure that cleaning only happens as frequently as it's needed. Because if there is one thing that we all hate is doing work that doesn't need to be done.

If we were FLYing this would go in our Control Journal. I personally hate that term because it implies things to me about being a super meticulous control freak. Not what I want to be. I prefer the term Household Manual. That sounds like instructions, calendars, logs, etc meant to make running my household easy. So that's what I'm calling mine, and here's one of my first entries:

Master Sanitation Schedule - Master Bathroom

Walls Twice a year
Baseboards Once a year
Floor Monthly
Toilet exterior Monthly
Toilet interior Weekly
Mirrors Weekly
Medicine Cabinet Interior Once a year
Sink Weekly
Counter Top Weekly
Vanity Exterior Weekly
Vanity Interior Once a year
Shower Exterior Monthly
Shower Interior Weekly
Drain Pipe Once a year
Towels Weekly
Bathmat Monthly

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