Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 3

So far we're just supposed to be keeping it going. So today we're doing our hug item and getting ourselves dressed to get down to business. If I was getting the reminders on the schedule today would be to spend 2 mins reading the reminders. I am not going to get the reminders, so I will not be reading them. Instead I'm getting inspired by other people on the same mission.

Things I'm thinking about for the future of our project:

As far as I can tell the day-to-day thing is based on doing an activity for 15 mins, 5 mins, or 2 mins. So I think we should start gathering a list of activities/chores/areas/etc to put in those categories.

Here's what I'm thinking of for my home so far:

15 min areas
Our bedroom
Our bathroom
Guest bathroom
Right half desk
Left half desk
Under desk (might be 2 or 3 areas)
Guest closet (I think this is 6 or 7 areas!)
Garage (I think this is 4 or 5 areas)

5 min areas
Living room
Dining room
Front closet
Laundry room

2 min areas
Shoe area

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